Get fully booked every season

photographing unique elopements &
non-traditional weddings that inspire you

Oh, and while making your dream income

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Ever wonder how some photographers have a thriving business and a lifestyle they love?

a calendar full of amazing clients they can’t wait to meet, and even getting flown around the world for their art?

Meanwhile back in your daily reality…

It feels impossible to stand out in such a crazy saturated market…

You scramble for any booking that comes your way (by whatever discount necessary) even if something you’ll dread…

Or you might even wonder if it’s time to go look for another “plan b” 9-to-5 backup J.O.B. to make ends meet…

Here’s the dilemma… 

You have a vision for what you want your photography business to look like but turning it into a reality feels like a pipe dream

You’re stuck with the constant struggle of…

  • Opening up an empty inbox every day hoping for an inquiry for a wedding you actually want to photograph to magically appear
  • Trying anything to get enough bookings just to pay the bills… offering discounts, signing up for another directory service or sharing your website on every single referral post on Facebook
  • Only getting inquiries from “price shoppers” or constantly getting ghosted—leading you to doubt yourself constantly and wonder if you need to lower your prices just to keep up
  • Being exhausted from pouring countless hours into different business & marketing efforts because nothing you’ve tried so far seems to be working (and you don’t know why)
  • The discouragement of hearing other photographers rave about hot air balloon elopements or epic destination weddings in Greece while you gear up for another budget ballroom wedding

Woof… I feel you, and trust me,
these are all common issues—even among the most talented and passionate photographers.

The good news is…
it doesn’t have to be that way.

You deserve so much more than:

Being paid low rates… feeling underappreciated & undervalued

Feeling replaceable… asking yourself why a couple would fly you across the world when another local photographer could do it

Struggling to stand out… trying to figure out what’s unique about you and how to set yourself apart

Imagine having a

reliable, thriving, full-time career photographing non-traditional weddings & elopements

where you can burn your backup plans.

You are not average

so why would your business be?

What if you stopped chasing bookings that don’t actually fulfill you, and instead spent your days photographing weddings as unique as you:

  • Two-person elopements in stunning national parks
  • Small destination weddings on Mediterranean islands
  • Intimate backyard weddings with only the closest friends & family
  • Luxurious rooftop weddings overlooking city skylines
  • Chic, fifty-guest weddings at art galleries and museums
  • Spontaneous big-city courthouse elopements
  • Fantasy-themed intimate weddings in lush green forests

Two-person elopements in stunning national parks

Intimate backyard weddings with only the closest friends & family

Luxurious rooftop weddings overlooking city skylines

Small destination weddings on Mediterranean islands

Chic, fifty-guest weddings at art galleries and museums

Fantasy-themed intimate weddings in lush green forests

Spontaneous big-city courthouse elopements

There’s a space in this industry that’s all yours. And will give you the lifestyle you love.

Here’s what’s really possible:

You can become the go-to specialist for the unique elopements & non-traditional weddings you dream of photographing

You can rise above the competition—and carve your own unique path to being a FULL TIME, FULLY booked photographer with the financial stability & lifestyle you seek

“Every course has been life changing and this is no different.”

I’m so thankful for Thrive! Truthfully, I live and die by Maddie’s courses—every single one that I’ve taken has been so unbelievably helpful. Her OG business and marketing course helped me build the business I have now, photograph in places I’ve always dreamed of while getting fully booked out and working with absolutely incredible couples. And now, with Thrive I now have the tools to help my business change with the times and stand out in a way that will be sustainable and successful. And I can’t wait to implement all of the new things that I’ve learned from branding to identifying my ideal client, to implementing workflows to taking a good, hard look at my pricing. Every course has been life changing and this is no different.

– Aimee Flynn, Arizona

“we went from booking mostly 4 hour elopements to full day and even multi day elopements”

My wife and I started our elopement photography business from scratch over 3 years ago when we decided to switch from big weddings to elopements. With Maddie’s first business and marketing course (the precursor to Thrive) we went from charging $2k to over $5k, and we went from booking mostly 4 hour elopements to full day and even multi day elopements—and we even grew to the point where we have two other photographers on our team. It’s just mind blowing to think back to where we started. To bring it back to THRIVE, it is every bit of goodness from Maddie’s previous course, with all the elements that we needed to succeed with how the industry has shifted in the past couple of years. I am 100% confident that with the tools in THRIVE we’ll be able to keep the momentum going!

– Mark Collett, South Carolina

“I am so excited to get myself out of the sea of generic and pour “me” back into my business.”

Maddie is hands down the reason I have a successful business today. Thanks to her original business and marketing course, I went from literally having never picked up a camera to having a successful six figure photography business within two years. So when I learned that Maddie was releasing her new course, Thrive, I was in—and let me tell you, it does not disappoint. Maddie doesn’t do fluff—she shares research-backed strategy from branding to pricing structure to marketing to your dream couples and she lays it all out for you. Thrive is a legit roadmap to a fulfilling, successful business. I am so excited to get myself out of the sea of generic and pour “me” back into my business.

– Vanessa Lill, Colorado


Fact is, there are only 3 reasons you aren’t getting enough inquiries & bookings to sustain your dream


Your branding looks & sounds too similar to everyone else 

If couples can’t identify a meaningful difference between you and your competitors, they will always default to the cheapest option


Your business isn’t being found by enough of your dream couples 

You can be the most talented photographer in the world, but if your brand isn’t consistently getting in front of the right people (your dream couples) at the right time (before they’ve hired someone else) with the right message (that draws them in and positions YOU as the expert they need)…

…they won’t know how amazing you are, and will hire someone else.


You aren’t communicating your value in your inquiry-to-booking process 

Even if you are getting inquiries, if you don’t know how to clearly and confidently explain the value of your services (in a way that matters to inquiring couples)—clients end up ghosting or going with someone else.

Both you and them deserve more.

So, if you’re not booked out right now—
it’s not because of:

Your Experience

So many photographers think it’s their experience holding them back, but the truth is you already have plenty of photography experience to be successful.

Your Photography

Your work is good. And to be honest most couples can’t tell the difference between a good photo and a great photo. It’s not your skills.

Your Popularity

You don’t need thousands of followers, awards, or any other vanity metric to attract your dream clients. Truth is, that’s not what clients care about.

If you’ve been reading this and nodding your head, you’re in the right place.

What you need to get more inquiries & bookings is a PLAN

One that is designed to help you create a stand-out brand, attract your dream clients on autopilot, and empower you to confidently book out your season with the “perfect fit” clients having the unique wedding days you really want to photograph.


Learn how to become fully booked photographing dream unique elopements & non-traditional weddings that inspire & fulfill you—while making a
six-figure salary

This self-paced course and results-driven mentorship experience is the only comprehensive online program that shows you how to:

  • Build your dream business photographing unique elopements & non-traditional weddings—and fill your calendar with bookings you can hardly believe you’re getting paid for
  • Create an incredibly unique & stand-out brand that magnetizes the types of couples you can’t wait to work with
  • Strategically overhaul your pricing, so that even what’s included in your packages demonstrates what makes you different
  • Develop a powerful marketing strategy that attracts your dream couples, allowing you to get an inbox full of inquiries on autopilot
  • Craft unforgettable experiences for your couples resulting in 5-star reviews and referrals

All in a way that is so true to who you are that it can’t be replicated by anyone else, effectively competition-proofing your business

(And you can do all of this in just 90 days. Yep, 90 days.)

“I had a couple days off so I took Maddie Mae’s free course on full day elopements and booked two in 24 hours. I feel like I owe her dinner or something … that’s an insane increase in revenue.”

— Megan Jolie
[Location City, Location State, U.S.A.]

Imagine what it would feel like to…

Never have to worry about where your next inquiry is coming from because your marketing system is so predictable and consistent that nothing could catch you by surprise

Get so many inquiries that you have the luxury of being selective about which couples you want to work with—and you don’t have to stress if not everyone books

Genuinely believe there is enough room for you in this industry—and that just being you is the biggest competitive advantage you will ever have (and knowing how to leverage that)

Establish so much financial stability & security through your photography business that you don’t have to work a job that leaves you feeling detached or empty—you know you have a fully booked and profitable season ahead

Feel confident on every single consultation call because you not only believe in what you have to offer… you also know how to clearly communicate your value to inquiring couples

Have a thriving business you are excited to wake up to every day—one where you anticipate the places you’ll get to go, the couples you are working with, and the lifestyle design you have created for yourself

“Maddie genuinely wants everyone to succeed in the industry.”

Learning from Maddie Mae was the best investment I have made in my business. She has given me the solid footing that my business needed. She not only has an incredible breadth of knowledge about marketing, but is an impressive communicator and teaches in a way that you can actually comprehend and take action. Maddie genuinely wants everyone to succeed in the industry. She’s not just spouting community over competition, she’s living it.

– Jackleen Leed
North Bend, WA, USA

“So impressed with how jam-packed and expertly organized her content is”

Maddie Mae excels at teaching! She knows her stuff backwards and forwards and it shows. I have been so impressed with how jam-packed and expertly organized her content is! I’m very impressed with her focus on efficiency, business acumen, and branding. I’m just starting out in this market so learning from Maddie was a huge level up for me. It was so useful to realize all that I don’t know and it made me so excited to grow! Learning from Maddie was totally worth the investment.

– Keith Folken
North Bend, WA, USA

“Absolutely the BEST educator I have ever had!”

Maddie Mae is absolutely the BEST educator I have ever had! She packs so much info into everything she teaches and breaks it down in a way that’s easy to understand! She communicates not only the “what”, but the “why” behind it. Her passion for education, attention to detail, explanations every step of the way, and her complete transparency is truly inspiring! I HIGHLY recommend Maddie Mae. Every single thing I learned from her has been SO valuable!

– Cassandra Oldenburg
North Bend, WA, USA


If you’re struggling with one or more of the 3 reasons that photographers don’t get enough bookings…

Guess what? It’s not your fault.

and THRIVE is intentionally designed to solve them all


If you are tired of blending in, and getting lost in the sea of sameness…

THRIVE shows you exactly how to differentiate your photography business and brand, so you attract clients that “have to have” YOU 


If you’re struggling to get enough clients or get the right ones to find you…

THRIVE gives you proven, results-oriented marketing strategies that supercharge your reach and will bring you dream inquiries on autopilot 


If you’re over getting ghosted or hearing “we went with someone else”…

THRIVE helps you discover the unique value you have to offer and how to persuasively communicate it so you get booked at highly profitable rates. 


The problem isn’t you.

You HAVE what it takes.

All you need is:

a clear-cut, easy-to-follow plan from someone who can guide you to success.

And that’s why I created THRIVE—it’s your guided plan to overcome any business & marketing hurdles in your way and become fully booked with your dream weddings.



Welcome to the

Thrive System™

These 7 series of masterclasses guide you through the
7 steps to becoming a thriving unconventional wedding & elopement photographer



Define your vision and align your business to your dream life



Craft a unique brand that irresistibly attracts your perfect-fit couples



Maximize your profits with strategic pricing and irresistible packages



Utilize powerful and efficient marketing strategies to get inquiries consistently



Turn your inquiries into highly profitable bookings with authentic selling



Master expert skills, deliver amazing client experiences, earn 5-star reviews



Streamline your business with efficient systems for sustainable success